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Alcohol Addiction Abuse

One of the most widely consumed socially accepted mind altering substances is also one of the leading causes of addiction in the United States.  Alcohol is served in nearly every restaurant and supermarket nationwide, and most people are able to drink alcohol socially with few consequences associated with it.  However, when alcohol is used chronically the user toes the line between a heavy social drinker and alcoholic.  Once someone has crossed this invisible, and often indistinguishable, line that qualifies a person as an alcoholic, they are never able to safely return to drinking as a normal social behavior.  The unfortunate truth of the matter though, is that when a person begins to drink alcoholically – they cannot stop on their own.  Alcohol addiction abuse dependency often begins with infrequent social drinking, but inevitably results in a mental and physical dependence upon alcohol.

I used to drink like other people

Whether the defining factor that solidified you drinking alcoholically was predetermined through your genetics, or from social factors, alcohol addiction abuse is an affliction that will forever prevent you from ever being able to drink socially.  This is not however a sentence to a boring lifestyle filled with no excitement.  At Addiction Solutions we coach you on how to live without alcohol addiction abuse, and how to live even more joyfully than before alcohol came into the picture.  For those who have suffered from alcohol addiction abuse for years, our extended alcohol dependency addiction programs are designed to help break the mental obsession that has developed over the years to drink alcoholically.  You have a choice to overcome alcohol addiction abuse, and your life can change today beginning with one simple phone call.

Understanding alcohol addiction abuse

Being classified as having alcoholism addiction dependency is when an individual cannot stop drinking, despite any and all consequences that would deter a normal person from ever drinking again.  To most normal drinkers, this is a baffling concept to try and wrap one’s head around – that someone would continue to drink alcohol despite any legal, health, personal, financial, or professional consequences that result from drinking alcohol.  Alcohol dependency addiction sufferers can be both male or female, of any age, creed, or social-economic status.  The disease of alcoholism is not limited to any specific group of individuals, but certain genetic histories and predispositions can play a major role in the development of alcoholism addiction dependency.

How do you know if you have alcoholism addiction dependency problems?

While you can only be officially diagnosed as an alcoholic by a professional, such as one of Addiction Solution’s alcoholism addiction dependency clinical experts – there are common signs of alcoholism that are indicative of an individual having an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, or being an alcoholic:

  • Blacking out, or drinking to a point of total memory loss
  • Feeling ashamed about the amount of alcohol you drink
  • Having to drink to be social, or to partake in any activity
  • Failing at any attempts to control drinking, or “only have a few”
  • Drinking  to change your feelings or to cope with stressful life situations
  • Neglecting your responsibilities to drink
  • Continuing to drink despite concerns expressed from loved ones or consequences

If you suspect that you or your loved one may be dependent and addicted to alcohol, you’re not alone.  There is hope for you through Addiction Solutions.  Understand that you or your loved one’s addiction to alcohol, and the persistence of drinking despite warnings against such, is not their fault.  The battle with alcohol does not need to be lifetime of misery, if it is halted in its tracks immediately.  Alcoholism will continue to progress until proper therapeutic and addictive treatment action is taken.  Call one of our alcoholism addiction abuse experts today to begin treating your alcoholism effectively, and learn to live without being dependent upon alcohol.