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Drug Addiction Inpatient Rehab

The key to locating the perfect drug addiction inpatient rehab lies within the integrity of the program, and how it fits around you or your loved one’s history of addiction.  For years treatment modalities were the same; standard treatment plans of isolating the individual away from his or her drug of choice and encouragement to follow up these practices with 12-step meetings.  Through personal experience and research about ever changing and improving addiction treatment, Addiction Solutions has partnered with facilities nationwide to bring individuals an drug addiction inpatient rehab experience that far exceeds any other.

Abstinence doesn’t work

At Addiction Solutions drug addiction inpatient rehab clinics we are well aware of the inability one has to stop abusing drugs or alcohol through willpower alone.  We aren’t asking you to, at our drug addiction inpatient rehab facilities.  Years of research have proven that by itself, abstaining from drugs and alcohol without proper treatment doesn’t work.  What is required in order for an addict or alcoholic to fully recover from the disease of addiction is intensive medical and therapeutic treatment in a safe and secure environment.  When an individual receives treatment at any one of Addiction Solutions’ trusted drug addiction inpatient rehab partners, you are guaranteed to be cared for with the highest quality of treatment available.

Does a drug addiction inpatient rehab work?

An drug addiction inpatient rehab must focus on one’s internal underlying issues that are provoking drug and alcohol abuse, to be at all effective.  Addiction Solutions facilities all abide by the avocation that without proper behavioral health and therapeutic aid, men and women who find themselves addicted to drugs and alcohol will often fail.  Our alcoholism drug inpatient rehab programs heavily rely upon therapeutic means of treatment to fully treat the whole disease of addiction, rather than simply the drug or alcohol abuse symptoms through abstinence.

Signs and symptoms that your loved one needs an drug addiction inpatient rehab

Drug and alcohol abuse progresses to a point in most cases of individuals who are chemically dependent where common signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse can be noticed by family members and those who are close to the addicted individual:

  • Isolation
  • Dishonesty about use
  • Financial problems
  • An inability to stop using or drinking
  • Financial problems as a result of drugs or alcohol
  • Legal problems or run-ins with the law
  • Family members or loved ones losing trust
  • Physical changes
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Behavioral or mood swings
  • Extreme paranoia, anxiety, or depression

All of these and more are signs that indicate drug addiction inpatient rehab is required to help alleviate all of the addictive behavioral problems that are associated with drug abuse.  If you or someone you love is in need of quality inpatient addiction care, reach out to one of our addiction experts by phone today.  They can answer any and all questions you may have regarding Addiction Solutions nationwide drug addiction inpatient rehab facilities.  The disease of addiction will only continue to progress until you stop it in its tracks with proper treatment, so call today.