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Drug Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program

Drug Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program

Rather than limiting your drug alcohol addiction recovery program options to a singular treatment center in a centralized location, Addiction Solutions has derailed that standard of recovery treatment with our intensely effective addiction treatment assessment and drug and alcohol addiction recovery program placement.  Addiction Solutions is your link to a growing number of drug addiction and alcoholism treatment program facilities nationwide.  Addiction Solutions is decidedly against attempting to make your unique drug and alcoholism addiction recovery needs fit into the box of one treatment center, regardless of whether it would be in your best interest to recover elsewhere.  To combat both relapse and ill-received addiction treatment, Addiction Solutions is here to provide for you a myriad of nationwide programs – all of varying treatment levels of care and lengths of stay.

Inpatient drug addiction and alcoholism treatment program

Perhaps the most well-known form of drug alcohol addiction recovery program is the inpatient level of care.  Inpatient, or PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) is an intensive and effective choice in a drug and alcoholism treatment program for you or your loved one.  For a standard 28-30 days (or upwards of a month depending on the progression of the disease of addiction) the inpatient guest will be provided with comfortable and safe living quarters, as well as transportation to intensive recovery groups for a majority of their stay.

Outpatient drug addiction and alcoholism treatment program

Utilized as both a safeguard against relapse, and as a primary method of treatment for individuals who are limited in their options due to a busy lifestyle, outpatient is a less structured treatment option for men and women.  Also known as Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), outpatient addiction treatment is widely utilized for individuals who are looking for continued care after inpatient, or for men and women who cannot find the means to break away from their daily routine yet still require a drug alcohol addiction recovery program.


Detoxification is the process that all substance dependent individuals go through when use is discontinued.  The detoxification process can not only be uncomfortable, but life threatening.  Similar in fashion to the construction of our inpatient programs, detoxification facilities are in-house locations that medically and therapeutically treat the symptoms of detoxification with an intensively supervisional medical staff.

The process of enrolling into a drug alcohol addiction recovery program is a short and painless one – but the first step is picking up the phone.  To begin the process of picking a level of care and treatment location that is best for you, call us today.  Our treatment program options are often covered under most major medical insurance providers.  Make sure you don’t wait any longer and reach out to one of our addiction specialists today.