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Heroin Inpatient Program

Are you or your loved one addicted to heroin?  An heroin inpatient program can be the key to you or your loved one regaining their life after being addicted to heroin.  Heroin addiction is much less about the discontinuation of the use of drugs, and much more about healing the individual.  Once underlying issues that are exacerbating heroin use are uncovered and treated at Addiction Solutions’ heroin opiate inpatient program, total recovery will take place.

Notorious for being absurdly physically and mentally addictive, as well as being responsible for destroying countless families and lives – heroin addiction is rampant among both our youth and adult populations.  Becoming addicted to heroin is something that develops over time, and being addicted to heroin is often not realized until use is discontinued and withdrawal detoxification symptoms begin to take their toll on the user.  As impossible as it may seem while in the midst of active heroin addiction, recovery is possible.  At Addiction Solutions’ heroin inpatient program we have designed and constructed a program that is centered around helping heroin addicts to regain control over their lives.

What makes heroin so addictive?

Derived from a poppy plant, and chemically related to the addictive drug opium, heroin alters the brain’s functions and normal release of natural chemicals that are responsible for feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.  When an individual consumes heroin, the brain is flooded with high levels of pleasurable chemicals that naturally occur in lower doses.  This synthetic alteration of the brain’s naturally occurring disbursement of serotonin and dopamine leads to a “high” that can be felt for hours after heroin was initially ingested.

I’m addicted to heroin and I don’t know how to stop

Once you become physically and mentally dependent upon heroin, the choice in whether or not to continue using the substance is then lost.  The only effective measure that you have against fighting heroin addiction for yourself or your loved one is through a professional heroin inpatient program.

I’ve detoxed myself before, why is a heroin inpatient program necessary?

While it is difficult, to remain abstinent from heroin for brief periods of time is possible.  However, these fleeting intervals are always followed by a further progression of heroin abuse.  That’s because heroin addiction is a disease of the brain, that is manifesting itself through overuse and abuse of heroin.  Once the heroin is detoxified from, the user must then treat all the remaining addictive behavioral symptoms that are remaining.  Addiction Solutions’ heroin inpatient program is the proper safe environment to begin treating the whole disease of addiction.

Begin formulating how to take the  next step in your life.  All of this begins with an heroin inpatient program through Addiction Solutions.  Whether you are calling for yourself or a family member, our professional addiction experts are readily available to accept any questions or concerns you may have.  Don’t wait any longer, our professional programs are accepted by most major medical insurance providers.