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Sober Living Home Program

Early recovery from drugs and alcohol isn’t always easy.  Making the jump from inpatient to the real world can be softened by choosing to enter a sober living home program.  Sober transitional living is the best option to ease the shock that can easily occur when an individual leaves a structured inpatient addiction treatment program and returns to real life, but this time without using drugs or alcohol.

Drugs and alcohol were our crutches

When you abuse drugs and alcohol addictively, the mood altering substances are acting as “bandaids” to the real underlying issues that are causing the addictive behaviors.  When drugs and alcohol are taken away from us as viable options for coping with life we often feel shell shocked.  In early sobriety we do not fully comprehend how to effectively cope with these feelings, which can lead to relapse if aftercare relapse prevention measure are not sought  A sober living home program provides an environment conducive to early sobriety.  It allows men and women to resume their daily day-to-day activities while providing a safe and sober environment to foster continued growth.

What is sober transitional living?

A sober living transitional program through Addiction Solutions is a program that provides effective relapse prevention measures through transitioning individuals out of an inpatient residential facility and into a sober living environment.  Similar to collegiate housing, Addiction Sollutions places like-minded men and women into gender appropriate sober transitional living residences that hold each individual accountable for remaining clean and sober.

What to expect from a sober living home program

Addiction Solutions assesses each individual client for exactly what level of continued care is required to effectively determine which of our esteemed sober living home program partners is the best fit for you.  All of our sober transitional living facilities offer our clients:

  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Self esteem and team building exercises
  • Clean, safe, fully equipped, and comfortable residences
  • Help locating access to continued individualized or group therapy
  • Close proximity to 12-step addiction recovery meetings

You don’t have to go through the scary beginnings of addiction recovery on your own.  Addiction Solutions is here to ensure your safety and prevent relapse back into active addiction through our sober living home program.  If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with addiction and believe that you may qualify for one of our sober transitional living facilities, reach out to Addiction Solutions today.  With esteemed and sought after sober living transitional program resources nationwide, we will work diligently to help find the best and most convenient sober living home program for your needs.  Call today to begin your sober living relapse prevention assessment.  All inquiries can be directed to our knowledgable and helpful addiction treatment experts, who will walk with you through the process of entering into sober transitional living.  The rest of your sober life is waiting, you simply need to call to catch up and enjoy the gifts of sobriety through our sober living home program.